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Water Testing PEI

Test the water you drink before you consume it to identify its quality. There are so many contaminants like lead in the water we receive in our homes. Water that is contaminated is risky to consume as it can affect your health. Only when you test the quality of water can you understand what measures need to be taken to treat the water.

Spencer Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers full-service drinking water testing services and gets you accurate results. We understand the importance of clean and fresh water coming from every faucet which is why our services are designed to find the best way to achieve that. Whether you want to test the water at your commercial or residential property, we’ve got you covered.

As a trustworthy water testing expert, we provide you with a wide range of water tests to understand the quality of water. Based on these results, we can suggest the right water filtration systems to be installed in your property.

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