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We basically check each and every aspect that can be checked in a ready to occupy home.
Our inspectors perform 100+ checks across 8+ inspection categories.

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Every plumbing and boiler installation is a one-time investment in a long time. And because quality installations are always cheaper than fixing a lousy job, it is important to hire the best professionals. Spencer Plumbing & Heating gets the job done right the first time so that you don’t have to see us or any plumber again.

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We offer dynamic full-service plumbing & heating services in PEI to ensure you get the best solutions when you have an installation and repair requirement. Being the most trusted service providers in PEI, we are fully equipped to identify issues and quickly resolve them without creating a mess.

A well-functioning plumbing system ensures you receive clean water in your home and also facilitates the outlet of used water. Issues in the plumbing system like leakage or broken pipes can become your worst nightmare as it can damage your property and lead to moss growth.

At the same time, good heating systems keep us warm and comfortable. It can get frustrating when you don’t get heat and hot water. To understand what’s wrong with your plumbing or heating system, call the experts at Spencer Plumbing & Heating Ltd for quick and efficient service.

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Our Plumbing Services

Leaking pipes can cause a lot of issues for residential as well as commercial properties. If a plumbing issue is not addressed at the earliest, it may lead to thousands of dollars worth of repairs. So even if you notice a minor leak, reach out to us immediately for expert help.

Our superior and trusted plumbing services address the following areas:

  • Residential : We inspect the plumbing system of a residential property to understand the root cause of the issue and repair and replace pipes as required.
  • Commercial : We provide excellent plumbing services for commercial spaces like offices, malls, retail stores, restaurants, factories, and more.
  • Installation : When you want to upgrade your current plumbing system, trust none other than Spencer Plumbing & Heating Ltd to do the job. We come with a wealth of knowledge about pipe installations and ensure that your plumbing system works perfectly.
  • Repair : We specialize in spotting inconsistencies in plumbing systems. No matter what the issue, we can make quick and efficient repairs so that your plumbing system gets back to performing well.

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